Surprised by the Wave, part 2

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Last week, I wrote about being surprised by an event in your life that leaves you disoriented, as if a wave had crashed over you. On that same vacation that inspired the first post, I also witnessed the fun and excitement that can come out of a wave.

Four years ago, we bought each of the kids a $5 boogie board at the 5 dollar store. The first year they tried them out in the ocean, they mainly used them as floats. As we return to the beach, they seem to get the hang of catching a wave and riding it in better each year. This year was the best so far. All three kids were boogie boarding the entire week of the vacation.

As I was watching them play and pondering how waves can be harmful, it occurred to me that there are waves in life that are positive and even fun!

Recently, Pastor Brent referred to the fact our lives have seasons where we are fruitful and seasons where we may be dormant or at rest. We need to be aware of these seasons of fruitfulness so that we can ride the wave of what God is doing in our lives. These times can be fruitful not only for our personal lives but the Kingdom as well.

Some signs that you are in a fruitful season:

  • tasks that once took great effort become almost effortless
  • your prayer life is a two-way conversation where you are listening more than speaking to God
  • reading Scripture reveals new insights never before discovered
  • you become less “me” focused and want to serve others in deeper ways
  • you can’t wait to tell someone about God’s love and mercy in your life

These are just a few signs that God is at work in your life to bring about a fruitful harvest. If you notice these signs, RIDE THAT WAVE! It can be contagious for others around you. Just think about what God can do through the lives of people in your circle of influence when you lead out in such a season.