New Beginnings…No way!

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Isn’t true that for most people change is hard? I think so. However, changes are not always bad.  They can open a world of opportunity and give you hope and new directions.  Let me share … Read More

Surprised by Butterflies

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I recently made a visit to Jefferson Patterson Park over in Calvert County and went walking with a friend. It was a pretty cool place that included a working farm, an old plantation-like estate, and … Read More

Surprised by the Wave, part 2

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Last week, I wrote about being surprised by an event in your life that leaves you disoriented, as if a wave had crashed over you. On that same vacation that inspired the first post, I … Read More

Dealing With Anxiety

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My son and I are big fans of the Star Wars movies. We’ve all heard the phrase, “may the force be with you.” Darth Vader would always use the force to convince people of his … Read More

Trust The Guide

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Tomorrow I am getting up at 5 AM and dragging myself to church. I’m going on an outing with the young adults at the church.  It is the annual white water rafting trip. There are … Read More

The Lost Art of Listening

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Recently I started a new job. There are challenges and enthusiasm, but I sometimes sense awkwardly the “here comes the new guy” effect. One of the key values that I am seeking to establish in … Read More